Red is the New Black


Red Red Everywhere
I never thought of red as a neutral color, but when I purchased a pair of peep toe red sling backs a while back, I wore them with everything. I actually wound up wearing them out. Since then, I've been on the search for the next great pair. It seems surprising that they go with literally everything, and granted, I'm a "jeans for all occasions" sort of person, but I have my slacks, skirts and dresses days just like the rest of the world. So imagine my surprise when it came time to accessorize and my new go to became the red sling backs! They may seem racy but it's a matter of finding the perfect heel height, probably between two to three inches, to keep them out of the shady lady territory. And don't be afraid to wear them with all sorts of colors that you might not normally pair them with. I was especially fond of pairing them with a purple or turquoise top. The trick seemed to be putting a neutral color in between the pops, be it denim, khaki, or black. Just a few ideas to get your fires lit. Have fun and experiment.