Industry Insider: Hair Colorist Gion Vincent

After reading this GOOP article in February where style icon Taylor Tomasi Hill shared about her fashion week behind-the-scenes experience, I was wowed by a lot of things in the story. But one thing in particular stood out to me: her hair colorist. I had long wondered who colored her fiery red locks. The hue is stunning. Lucky me, I found out while reading the article. Her mane man is Gion Vincent of the Mark Garrison salon in New York. Curious to know about the talented artist, we chatted with him about all things red hair. 

Earlier this year you were feaured on GOOP for coloring Taylor Tomasi Hill's gorgeous red locks. How long have you been working with Taylor? 

I have been working with Taylor for about three years now. She was referred to us from friends of ours in Dallas (where she is from). It took some time finding the right red that worked for her skin tone and style. 

The Mark Garrison salon specializes in using the products of Beth Minardi. Can you tell me what you love about the line?

I work for Beth Minardi and have been with her for eight years. She taught me everything I know. She kind of made a "hair color bible" that I think every colorist would benefit from reading. Three years ago we launched Beth Minardi Signature, a hair color line that comes equipped with everything you need and nothing you don't. The color is packed with nutrient rich ingredients such as phyto-collagens and ceramides. It took a long time to get the formulas right but we have made what I feel is a perfect hair color line.

Let's talk about red hair: what do you love about coloring someone red? 

I love red hair for a lot of reasons. I am probably biased because my mom, who is the coolest woman on earth, has naturally red hair (though I now help her with that, haha). I think red hair is a very defining color to wear. Red hair reminds me of strength, confidence and style. With people such as Julianne Moore, Tori Amos, Christina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain ... when you think of these woman, red comes to mind first, for me at least. 

How do you know if someone can wear red? 

With any hair color you have to choose your shade based on skin tone. Women with more fair skin tones tend to look better with orange based tones. Deeper, more olive skin tones do well with auburn or chestnut shades.

Is it fine to retain brown eyebrows, and keep a red color in the hair? 

I don't think eyebrows need to be the same color as your hair, in fact I avoid that. For red hair, I usually like to soften the brow. For more fair skin and lighter shades of red, I like to use a natural golden copper on the brow. For deeper shades I like to soften the brow with a brown copper. On blondes, the opposite is true. A black brow can look great on blonde hair. 

Any makeup tips for those who are coloring their hair red? 

I like that Taylor wears a clean face. She goes very natural and lets her bright orange red hair be the boldness of her style. I would say that if you are wearing a bright dynamic shade of red on your hair, don't over do it with makeup. 

Red hair fades fast ... any tips for prolonging the color? 

Red is the hardest color to keep in the hair. Taylor gets her color done every three weeks. I double glaze Taylor, meaning that while her color is on her roots I gloss her ends with our demi liquid color. After I shampoo all that out I apply a second gloss that I heat her with for 15 minutes. That gives her a bit of longevity. I recommend using a color-safe shampoo. Joico makes a beautiful shampoo and conditioner I like called Color Endure

What do you think red hair says about a woman? 

Red is glamour, style and confidence.  

What do you love about your job?

It is very rewarding. I get to create all day long. My clients generally see me every six weeks, some every three weeks. Familial relationships tend to evolve which is fun. I like seeing how the right hair color can change a woman's life. A good sign as a colorist that you've done well is seeing your client put on her lipstick immediately after the hair is dry.