Fabric of the Future?




You might already be wearing it, sitting on it, or toting it. Recycled plastic that is. It's in everything from tees, jeans, outerwear, bathing suits, totes, and car upholstery. It's called Repreve and according to its website, it's made from, "... recycled materials, including plastic bottles." In an amazing process, (yes, I watched the video) that turns plastic into fibers thinner than human hair, it can then be woven into all types of fabrics. I admit I'm a bit of a fabric nerd. It's probably what started my love of fashion and one of the reasons I wanted to go into womenswear as a career.

I'm also fascinated by technology and a marriage of the two that's good for the environment is a win-win, especially when the fashion industry has so many negative environmental aspects from pesticides to chemical treatments including the dyeing and finishing processes involved in fabric manufacturing.

So it's exciting when there's a positive choice available. I'm all for organic materials as well, but there is already so much plastic in use that any new ways we can recycle it is a plus. So far, I'm partial to the XO (eco) line of household items from BlueAvocado that are too adorable not to incorporate into our daily lives, the Eco-Chic Collection of colorful jeans from Beija-Flor and the EcoLux line of beachwear from Vitamin A