The Hair Guru: Barbarian or babe?

The Hair Guru is a monthly column written by Sheryle Pettet of Salon on the Square in Santa Cruz, Calif. In this edition she interviews bearded stylist and clipper artist Patrick Valenzula who offers helpful hints for getting a better beard.

Pat suggests asking your stylist or barber to shape your beard to compliment your face shape and keep the neck/jaw line clean. Have a daily and weekly ritual to maintain your look. Here's his routine.

Daily Duty

Wash: Shampoo and condition with pH-balanced products and don’t rinse out all the conditioner. His favorite is O&M Hydrate and Conquer Conditioner.

Blow: A quick blow dry while combing the beard.

Lube: Finish the look with a few drops of your favorite beard oil. Pat favors Herbivore Botanicals Vetiver+Sage Beard Tonic, which he says provides a matte finish, smoothing effect, and a trace scent of the essential oils.

Weekly: Use a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse. Try his favorite: O&M Original Detox Shampoo.

The Hair guru

The Hair Guru is a monthly column written by the staff at Salon on the Square in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Are sun, sand, salt, and chlorine stressing your tresses this summer? There are ways to keep your locks beautiful throughout the rest of the summer without hiding indoors.

Clarifiers are result-oriented products specifically designed to remove unwanted mineral deposits, chlorine, daily product build up, and other environmental pollutants. They also optimize hair color services, rejuvenate wimpy hair, and perk up curls. You can DIY or schedule an in salon treatment. 


Step 1:  Use a clarifying shampoo that eliminates the problem. Two of my favorites are O&M Detox Shampoo (gentle enough to use daily) and L’Avant Garde Stay Pure Clarifying Shampoo (removes mineral deposits and chlorine removal).

Step 2:  Repair with protein reconstruction and a moisturizing treatment such as O&M Power Base or Davines’ Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner.


Salon professionals offer in-salon treatments as an alternative to at-home versions. A clarifying and deep conditioning treatment requires additional time and can be added to an existing appointment or scheduled a la carte. Ask your stylist for details. 

Sheryle Pettet is a stylist at Salon on the Square. Learn more about her here.

Salon on the Square Trunk Show

Great news for locals in Santa Cruz: Salon on the Square, a new hair salon in downtown Santa Cruz, is hosting an exciting trunk show from 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 13 where Blank Verse Jewelry and Younglove Collective will be selling their remarkable baubles. Discover new and original jewelry from beloved local designers, and get some hair advice and 20 percent off all hair products. Salon on the Square is located at 110 Cooper St., Santa Cruz.

DevaCurl Set


Can you tell the difference between these two pictures? On the left is how I usually wear my hair. Since it's a back view, I never knew that my curls looked this mishapen or unflattering. Now I know since I visited Ginger Vaughn at Salon on the Square in Santa Cruz and she tried out the "DevaCurl Set" on my hair. The result? The picture on the right. Fresh, perfectly sculpted curls. I went home with a trial set of the products she used on my hair since I was so impressed. Here's the deal: DevaCurl Set is a method of styling curly hair that can be a bit intense to get down at first, but once you've mastered it, you can do it in minutes. But, there are a few important tricks. 

Here's the fast and easy way to get through it and come out with perfect curls: 

1. Wash with a Deva shampoo. I have fine curls/waves so I used Deva Curl No-Poo.
2. Condition with a Deva conditioner. I tried out Deva Curl One Condition. Just barely rinse it out. No, really, you don't have to worry about this step at all. Blast some water on it really quick and that will do it.
3. Step out of the shower with your hair sopping wet and tend to it immediately. Flip your head over and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. (Don't comb your hair.) Once you've naturally squeezed out some of the water and scrunched the heck out of it, coat your hair with a ton of product. I use Deva Curl Light Defining Gel. Use more than you think is necessary. Then scrunch again and again.
4. Use an old T-shirt or paper towels to remove the moisture.
5. Diffuse your curls.

That's it. You'll end up with curls the way they were meant to be—full of life and perfectly sculpted. Part of the secret, too, is making sure that you're using the right Deva products, and if you can swing it, try to go to a salon that specializes in Deva products for a tutorial. (In Santa Cruz, we have Salon on the Square.) Before getting a lesson in the DevaCurl Set, I had been trying it solo, and was using the wrong products for my hair, and wasn't going about the process the correct way. Once I was paired up with the right products for my fine hair, and I learned the steps, I've had happy curls ever since.