Sandal Season Volume 3: Espadrilles

 Sandal Season vol. 3: Espadrilles


Could sandal season be complete without the espadrille? I think not, yet must confess that I used to loathe them. Remember when they were just this floppy canvas upper with an itchy jute sole? My, how times have changed, and with them my attitude. These days, they come in a bazillion fabrics, heel heights and styles. It's almost like anything with a rope or natural looking sole gets filed under espadrille. Here are a few of my favorites. I'm especially in love with stripes and florals but the 2 tone cut out style is just fierce. The striped high heel with bright T-strap is a simple, sexy change from the norm. But if you long for a traditional version with a punch, the Missoni chevrons are adorable. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with the espadrille, it's the sandal that embodies summer.

Sandal Season: Volume 1—The Neutrals


Sandal Season vol.1: the neutrals


Sandal season is probably my favorite time of year. Although it's fun to shop for boots come Fall, I relish the feeling of free toes. So when the weather warms up, so does my hunt for something new to adorn my feet. My first must-have is the workhorse of my wardrobe: I always purchase a pair of flat, gold sandals. The color fits every occasion from the beach to the city streets, and the flat heel makes them great for walking. They also convey a casual elegance that high heels just can't achieve. Nothing says chic more than a bit of shine flirting out from underneath your palazzo pants, maxi dress or skirt. With short hemlines and bathing suits, a heel might be perceived as a bit vulgar, but the flat sandal saves the day. Here are a few of my favorite neutral flat sandals to kick off the season. 

Sandal Season


I have sandals on the brain. I think it’s the change of seasons. Not that I don’t love boots, booties, wintery flats and tights, but the thought of a pedicure and some sandals is sounding like the perfect way to welcome spring. The sandals I especially have my eye on are from Sseko Designs. They’re a sandal company based in Uganda, whose goal is to help talented young women continue their education and go to university. By empowering these women they aim to end the cycle of poverty in East Africa and create a better society. They believe that, “our stuff has a story and that every dollar you spend is a vote for the way you think the world should work.” Love that. And I totally agree! We do vote with our dollar. And with mine, I would like to vote for something good, and also get a stylish product in the process.

Now back to the sandals. They consist of a leather sole, and a fabric strap which you can wrap in countless ways to create the style you are going for. They also have a ton of different color and patterned straps that you can change, and even strap accessories that you can attach to create a completely new sandal look. I think the hardest part is choosing which strap color to get and what style to start with first. Perhaps Ill mull this over while Im getting that pedicure.

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