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Designer Dossier: Just Female is Just Right

I recently had the opportunity to model for The Penny Rose's fall fashion week (see above). I'm typically behind the camera in my day job as a filmmaker, so stepping in front of the lens was exciting and nerve-wracking. Modeling is definitely more challenging than I ever realized: striking a pose that appears relaxed and evokes emotion, and learning what angles work best for the camera while showcasing the clothing and accessories to ensure they're the real star of the shot, is a lot to pull off.

Through the process I was also introduced to several fabulous brands and one in particular that I fell head over heels for: Just Female.

Launched in Copenhagen in 2007, Just Female combines impeccable design with bold prints and color palettes. Classic silhouettes and occasional masculine tailoring make a statement that's both elegant and edgy. There were a couple of standout pieces that I wore for the photo shoot (above), and would happily add to my closet. The flirty Shoppe Dress that I wore offered a dramatic, high contrast black and white pattern that's perfect for a fun night out. The Wood Kimono is a luxurious jacket available in a variety of prints. I'd love to have it in "Red" to dress up a simple outfit or mix and match with a cozy ensemble during the upcoming fall and winter months when the weather cools off.

Don't Sweat It

Deodorant isn’t something that comes up much in conversations about beauty products, but it is a necessary and important part of the daily routine. It becomes really important and cause for concern and embarrassment when it fails to do its job! It just needs to work. However, with all the controversy over ingredients and the many varieties out there it can be hard to know what to use. Mostly it comes down to trial and error to see what actually works. And who has time for that? While it may be true that 2 percent of women do not sweat, I fall in with the 98 percent of those who need deodorant to work, and to work well. This brings me to Soapwalla Kitchen Deodorant Cream. This is an all-natural cream deodorant that actually works! The cream formula does take a few days to get used to, but isn’t bad. Also, it doesn’t have a powdery old-lady smell, rather a natural and outdoorsy tea-tree oil smell that is subtle and rather sexy. I tried it out for a normal day at work and was pleasantly surprised that it lasted all day and left me feeling dry and comfortable. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about aluminum or other nasty stuff clogging my pores. While it didn’t totally last through my workout, I think that lasting through the day and the natural ingredients make it a winner. Now that is one less beauty product decision that I don't have to sweat about.

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