Sweet Dreams are Made of These

After too many restless nights in a row, I was ready to take my sleeping life seriously. But, of course, I wanted to do so in style. So I picked up an adorable sleep mask from Stripe in Santa Cruz by Munio Candela ($10), which is infused with calendula, echinacea, chamomile, and lavender. I heat it up at night to breathe in delicate, restful scents. Next, I apply a luxurious Slumber Salve from Urb Apothecary (also sold at Stripe) to my neck, temples and behind my ears. And off I go. Sweet dreams are made of this combo. The Slumber Salve blend offers calming properties to anxious sleepers, including lavender, coconut oil and chamomile. For just $12, this is the best way to get your Zs.