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Photos by Tommy Parker of Gingerbuiltdesign.com

Neutral No More


Neutral No More - Work
 For wear to work: tailored bottoms, a white blazer and see through black flats anchor busier tops and accessories.


I've always felt a little "eh" about the lighter neutrals: khaki, putty and beige. Maybe because I lack the melanin to really carry them off around my face; they wash me out. I've always felt they were more along the lines of non colors, not very interesting, a safe choice and therefore worthy of my scorn. But I admit that they can have merit as a base in an outfit. They go with just about everything, and for spring and summer it's great to have an alternative to white. I cop to owning one pair of Gap khakis back when they made them cute, like cigarette pants, and they fit my curvy figure in a way that I'm sure the Gap designers had not intended. I wore them until they stopped being manufactured. But I digress. I decided to give myself a spring neutral challenge and see if I could find a way to work these colors into something a little more fun and interesting. So, I've got two outfits that are wear-to-work ready (above), and two that are perfect for the weekend (below).


Neutral No More - Weekend


For the weekend I, love the unexpected pairing of lace shorts and metallic sandals, while leather pants never looked so comfortable as when paired with flat sandals and a soft, slouchy brushstroke tee.



I’ve been trying to perk up my boring Greek yogurt these days. People say it’s fine plain, but I really can’t stand the sour flavor. The protein count, however, makes it worth it. Recently, I stopped in at a health food store in Santa Cruz and found a jar of Serendipity Saucy Spreads. I chose Boysenberry (without sugar). Agave Nectar is instead added to sweeten it up, and at 26 calories per tablespoon, neither a calorie or sugar coma awaited me. The result—my bland yogurt was transformed into something that tasted like boysenberry pie filling. Fantastic. Sure, the price is a little higher than the average grocery store brand (this gourmet style sells for around $10 a jar) but those mass market jams are loaded with gobs of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Serendipity Saucy Spreads, on the other hand, are made by a dynamic and sweet mother/daughter team in Santa Cruz, Kristen and Lynette Cederquist, and their jams and spreads boast all natural ingredients. Check them out: serendipityspreads.com.