Skincare—From the Inside Out

Having been a chronic acne sufferer for most of my life, I've always paid great attention to what kinds of products I put on my skin. It paid off with the use of Tazorac (a retinoid) and other excellent selections from Mario Badescu, my favorite skin care brand. But recently, I was reminded of the powerful effects that things like vitamins and fruits and vegetables can have on your skin. (This is an admittedly late realization.) At the beginning of this year I started taking a multivitamin that I used to use back in the day. After trying several different varieties over the years, I always return to this brand because in addition to being a powerful multivitamin, it contains loads of super green foods. As a result, my skin is starting to glow, my acne is at bay, and even my skin tone and texture feel different. For locals in Santa Cruz, I can only find this Special Two vitamin at the New Leaf in Felton. For other readers, you might find it here

I also just tried out a detox cleanse for my first time—the Dr. Oz Three Day Cleanse. And, while it's tough to make it through—eating nothing other than four fruit and veggie shakes a day—it is well worth it for many reasons. 1. Your skin will glow. 2. You'll feel better and have more energy. 3. You'll be very proud to discover that you can actually say no to certain foods, and that you do have self-control. 4. You'll learn what it feels like to truly be taking in your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables—your body will love it. And, maybe, you'll lose a pound or two along the way. But as far as beauty and skin care, this cleanse really kicks things into high gear. 

As a result of trying out these vitamins and the Dr. Oz cleanse for the last three days, I feel like I'm starting the new year with not only great skin care products to keep my epidermis in shape, but new ways to take care of my skin from the inside out. Moving forward, I'll be incorporating Dr. Oz's fruit/veggie shakes into my weekly menu. Cheers to a new year, and a new you.