Photos: Nick Chao

Serendipity Look 1, Desiree / Jacket: Lauren Moffatt, $432 (Cameron Marks) / Top: Lauren Moffatt, $268 (Cameron Marks) / Jeans: !IT, $86 (Cameron Marks) / Earrings: $48 (Stripe) / Scarf: Alternative Apparel, $42 (Stripe) / Serendipity Look 1, Jose / Jacket: Spiewak "Plymouth," $240 (Stripe MEN) / Scarf: Julian Herringbone, $34 (Stripe MEN)

Serendipity Look 2, Desiree / Jacket: Ladakh, $120 (Jade) / Sweater: Dusen Dusen, $258 (Stripe) / Boots: (Stylist's Own) / Jeans: DL1961 High Waist Black Skinnies, $178 (Cameron Marks) / Earrings: $48 (Stripe) / Necklace: $175 (Blank Verse Jewelry) / Clutch: Coriumi, $98 (Cameron Marks) / Serendipity Look 2, Jose / Scarf: "Emerson" in Coal, $56 (Stripe MEN) / Jacket: Bridge + Burn "B&B Smith," $220 (Stripe MEN) / Beanie: Pistil Haaken, $36 (Stripe MEN) / Jeans and Boots: (Model's Own)

On day two of Holiday Fashion Week we find our fashion inspiration from the Christmas movie, "Serendipity."

Is there anything as magical as New York at Christmas time? Yes: new romance in New York at Christmas time. This film is about an unexpected love sparked during a bustling Christmas shopping excursion, the sharing of a dessert and a twirl around an ice skating rink. Style-wise, Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous, as always, in timeless winter must-haves: high-heeled boots, cute jeans, stylish tees, simple coats and warm scarves. Any woman—not just Beckinsale—looks great using this foolproof winter wardrobe formula.

Recreate it yourself by adding a burst of color to your wardrobe with a jacket and blouse by Lauren Moffatt. Try a fuzzy, white scarf from Alternative Apparel or a zig zag sweater from Dusen Dusen. Top it off with a one-of-a-kind necklace from Blank Verse Jewelry and a clutch by Coriumi. —Christa Martin and Elizabeth Limbach

Photos: Nick Chao / Model: Desiree Amariei / Fashion Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair Stylist: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup: Anna Wu / Wardrobe Assistant: Ellie Vilmenay / Production Assistant: Sera Michael / Filmmaker: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Producer-Director: Christa Martin / Location: Butter Cup Cakes, 109 Locust St., Santa Cruz, Calif. Host: Stripe

Free Giveaway—Rose Earrings


I'm excited for this week's giveway in large part because I actually own these rose earrings and I love them. (I received them as a Christmas gift from a friend last year.) With their feminine style, romantic twist and gold color, these earrings are a timeless accessory that add a sweet touch to any outfit. They come courtesy of Stripe, a charming, lovely boutique in Santa Cruz, Calif.

The contest begins on Friday, Sept. 21 and ends Thursday, Sept. 27. Leave a comment here to enter to win.