Rocks in the Box

Recently I had the opportunity to try out online jewelry retailer Rocksbox. After taking a brief survey about my likes and dislikes, three pieces of jewelry curated to my taste arrived at my doorstep. Each time I open a package, it's like a mini Christmas where I discover a note addressed to me with some information about the items enclosed and why the stylist chose what she did. It's not science; it's personal taste and some things are beautiful but not my style, some things are very "me," and some things I like but might not have picked, which is why this format is fun and interesting.  

It's a simple plan, for $19 a month you rent the items the stylist chooses for you, wear them as long as you like, then either keep and pay for what you love or return them for another set of three in the provided self addressed envelope. 

Of the four boxes I've received so far, I loved the three items shown and might buy them. Members get a 20 percent discount and you become a member when you sign up. If you'd like to try Rocksbox and get the first month free, enter code elliexoxo at checkout by Jan. 31.