We're Off To See The Wizard—Summer Fashion


Photos by Nick Chao (click on images to visit gallery). Also see high resolution images here.

After a whirlwind vacation, Dorothy's getting ready to head home. She's seen and done it all. Almost. She still needs to meet the Wizard, though. On her way, she's intercepted by the Wicked Witch who wants one last stand off and she's brought her A-game in form-fitting black leather and a dramatic necklace from Blank Verse. Glinda the Good Witch attempts to rescue Dorothy from the clutches of darker fashion choices, but Dorothy is torn. Will she choose black or white for her final summer dress to impress the great and powerful Oz? Maybe a little of both will do the trick as she settles on a modern silk frock accompanied by the romantic and bohemian jewelry of Blank Verse.

While leather might not be as common for the summer, it's a unique and more unexpected choice for dramatic occasions. And if you can't manage a floor length version, try incorporating touches here and there to jazz up your outfit.

The white pleated dress might seem sweet at first glance, but it's a perfect canvas for your every whim. It could even wind up being the ideal wedding gown for a more casual or non-traditional bride.

However you mix it up, be sure to add black and white to your summer attire in order to make an entrance at all of your travel destinations.

Coco (Dorothy): Necklace, $120, Blank Verse Jewelry / Cuff, $225, Blank Verse Jewelry / Dress, $69, H.Fredrickson from Cameron Marks / Desiree (Glinda the Good Witch): Dress, $126, 213Industry from Stripe / Earrings, $75, Blank Verse Jewelry / Necklace, $95, Blank Verse Jewelry / Cuff, $125, Blank Verse Jewelry / Anna (Wicked Witch): Dress, Stylist's Own / Necklace, $95, Blank Verse Jewelry

Photographer: Nick Chao / Producer, Creative Director: Christa Martin / Fashion Stylist: Missy Schnaps / Hair Stylist: Ginger Vaughn / Makeup Artist: Anna Wu / Wardrobe Supervisor: Sally Esposito / Production Manager: Gina Peters / Host: Laamie Young / Filmmaker and Assistant: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson. Models: Desiree Amariei, Anna Wu, Coco Barrett-Tormey.

In The Bag


Beach Babe


Summer is less than a month away and I’m dreaming of long days spent on the beach sinking my toes into the warm sand. A day at the beach is my ultimate form of relaxation and a little preparation can make for a glamorous day on the sand. A good book, proper sunscreen and a killer hat are my must-haves. Here are the rest of my essentials (above) for looking and feeling fabulous while soaking up the sun.

Summer Style


Summer Vacation


Summer is just around the corner and that puts me in the mood for a vacation. Maybe it’s a trained response from childhood, but as soon as May hits, I am ready for sun and fun. This summer, I am lucky enough to have a trip to Turkey booked, and I have been eagerly planning what to bring on the trip. It will be quite hot on the Aegean Sea, so I’m thinking light sun dresses, sandals, hats, and fun accessories. All of which are light-weight and easily mixed and matched, which is the key to vacation packing. This is my current vacation wish-list with a bit of gypset flair. I think it could really be a vacation wish-list for any sun-filled destination this summer. Whether you’re going to Turkey, Hawaii, Mexico, or just having a stay-cation at the local beach. Add some fun to your wardrobe and enjoy the summer! Fall will be here before we know it.