Find Some Shades


Draw the Shades

It may be a bit late in the season to be talking sunglasses, but I have always considered them a year round necessity rather than a mere accessory. My past purchases have either been high-end where I forked over what seems like a ton of cash for a pair, thus the Vivienne Westwood ones I've sported for about 10 years that are still stylish if a bit scuffed in places. Or really cheap, no more than $10, and those tend to get completely demolished in a matter of weeks. So, how about a little grey area? Enter Warby Parker. Not only do they have a slew of cool, modern but retro inspired styles to choose from, (a few of my faves above), they are moderately priced (most non-prescription styles start at $95), are made in the United States, and a pair of eyeglasses are donated to someone in need for every pair sold. They also do optical frames and will let you try on five at a time for five days if you can't get into a store that carries them. I love a company that's committed to doing right by their customers, employees and the world.

Available at and The Perish Trust showroom in San Francisco.