The Skin Coach: Stress-Free Summer Skin

The Skin Coach is a monthly column by San Francisco esthetician and skin specialist Kimmy Williams of Acqua e Sapone Aesthetics

The most relaxing times during summer can mean the worst times for your skin. As you get ready to fly to a faraway beach and lounge by the pool, make sure your skin isn't paying the price with these three tips:

1. Skip the tan. You have heard it said a million times before and it is worth mentioning again: no tan is worth the number of wrinkles, sagging skin and skin cancer you expose yourself to as you chase that summer glow. Accept and embrace the skin color you have been given. It is a much more sustainable method of liking your appearance.
2. Lay off the tanning oil. The only thing that could make tanning worse is rubbing a greasy oil all over your face. Not only do tanning oils increase the penetration of UVA and UVB rays, it is usually made up of oils that clog pores and contribute to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.
3. Keep stress in check. As exciting as summer parties, barbecues and trips are, they can mean tons of stress on the body. What we interpret as fun and exciting can still mean a spike in cortisol levels for our bodies which in turn means all kinds of bad things for our skin including breakouts, dehydration and loss of collagen.