Fall Fashion: Grey Matter

Photo: Nick ChaoClothing: Jeans, Level 99, Vintage Tomboy, $116, Stripe / Shirt, Kowtow, $47 / Scarf, Vintage / Clog Boots, Swedish Hasbeens, Grey Nubuck, $399 / Clutch, Hipsters for Sisters / Jacket, Vintage.

When I saw these vintage-style Level 99 jeans at Stripe in Santa Cruz, I instantly fell for them. I usually prefer dark denim, but this stylish pair caught my eye. While it's a "tomboy fit," on me (since I'm more curvy) they look more like regular jeans, which is great—it shows that all body types can wear this style.

I knew these eye-catching jeans would shine with my new clog booties from Swedish Hasbeens. And when paired with stripes and a vintage blazer and scarf, it would create a winning fall look. If the sun happens to swing by, I can easily take off the scarf and jacket. And when the clouds roll in, I'll be toasty.

I'll be on stand-by to bring out my grey boots for the grey days this season.

Crew: Photographer, Nick Chao / Stylist, Christa Martin / Model, Christa Martin / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Hair, Sara Maldonado for Salon on the Square / Makeup used: Jane Iredale.

Fall Fashion: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Photo: Nick ChaoClothing: Top, Cameo, $64, Stripe / Sweater Joe + Me, Walker, Black, $208, Stripe / Necklace, Bizu, $108, Stripe / Clog Boots, Swedish Hasbeens, Grey Nubuck, $399 / Jeans, Levi's, $59.50 / Clutch, The Good Flock X Ashley Goldberg, Hat, Rhythm, $34, Stripe

I never used to wear much grey ... until I discovered these stunning clog booties from Swedish Hasbeens. Now, I've fallen in love with the neutral that goes with everything. It's especially fetching when paired with pale pink and black, as seen here. Tie the look together with a bone-colored hat, a long, beautiful necklace from Bizu, and a patterned clutch.

These boots (obviously) were made for walking, and with a low heel, you'll be able to jaunt around the city, wear them to a party (or the office) and keep them as a fashion staple throughout the year. They'll even look great with a dress or skirt in the spring. There's no "grey area" when it comes to layering up and looking stylish this fall. Booties, skinnies, and a long sweater will keep you in fashion all season long.

Crew: Photographer, Nick Chao / Stylist, Christa Martin / Model, Christa Martin / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Hair, Sara Maldonado for Salon on the Square / Makeup used: Jane Iredale.

A Swedish Hasbeens Summer: Part 2

Photos: Nick ChaoClothing: Shoes, Swedish HasbeensHeart High in Red, $229 / Pants, Kowtow, Legion / Top, Rachel Rose, Legion / Penelope Bangle, $37 / Sa-Rah Necklace, $80, Blank Verse Jewelry X The Penny Rose / Clutch, Vintage.

You can't go wrong with red shoes. And if they're red clogs? Even better. These charming, candy apple red Heart High clogs by Swedish Hasbeens are the shoes that I can't stop wearing this summer. Pair them with anything, but as seen here, when worn with a muted color palette, they really pop. 

Yesterday, I paired them on the blog with wide leg jeans which give them an effortless retro look. Today, I'm donning these darling clogs with ankle-length pants to really show them off. Mixing prints with these clogs really works and red is always a strong color choice alongside black. To get this look, find some smart black pants with a subtle design, tuck in a silk blouse like this one seen here, and pair with a tiny red clutch. Add minimal brass jewelry and watch these shoes sing.

Crew: Photographer, Nick Chao / Stylists, Creative Directors, Christa Martin and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Model, Christa Martin / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Hair, Ginger Vaughn for Salon on the Square. Makeup by Jane Iredale.

A Swedish Hasbeens Summer: Part 1

Clothing: Shoes, Swedish Hasbeens, Heart High in Red, $229 / Jeans, Level 99, Stripe / Top, Kowtow / Penelope Bangle, $37 / Clutch, The Good Flock X Ashley Goldberg, Backtalk PDX, $49.

If there's one thing I'm fashionably obsessed about right now, it's clogs. These darling red Heart High clogs by Swedish Hasbeens to be specific. This sweet, stylish pair of shoes is perfect for summer. I've been pairing these beauties with a bunch of different outfits but today and tomorrow on the blog, you'll see a few of my favorite ways to wear these beloved shoes. Today, I'm pairing these super comfortable, effortless clogs with wide leg jeans (I love how they peek out at the bottom), with a pale blue and white, tucked in Kowtow graphic top. Add minimal brass jewelry like the Penelope Bangle and for a creative touch, this sweet clutch from The Good Flock X Ashley Goldberg (purchased at BacktalkPDX in Portland) pulls the whole outfit together. Check out the blog tomorrow for my second look wearing my new favorite shoes.

Crew: Photographer, Nick Chao / Stylists, Creative Directors, Christa Martin and Deva Blaisdell-Anderson / Model, Christa Martin / Makeup, Jillian Wilkey for Salon on the Square / Hair, Ginger Vaughn for Salon on the Square.

Who You Calling a Hasbeen?

I'm in love with Swedish Hasbeens. I don't know about the name, though. They seem completely current and relevant to me. I get that they are referencing the '70s vibe that influences their aesthetic, but all of their styles work perfectly with a modern wardrobe. And they seem to be able to hit a homerun every season. Last fall I coveted these black boots. I'd see them on just enough cool women in the neighborhood for me to leave them on my wish list. They weren't oversaturated in the market yet and they go with everything autumnal that you'd wear: skinny jeans, short skirts with tights, oversized sweaters and leggings.

New season, new styles and they have some great sandals. The heavy heel maybe seem a little restricting for summer looks but no, it perfectly balances the floaty dresses, short skirts, skinny jeans and wide leg trousers that are everyone's summer staples. So you don't wear them to the beach, not that you couldn't, but that's about the only place I can imagine you wouldn't.