Santa Cruz Fashion Week Film Trailer

The Penny Rose—Santa Cruz Fashion Week 2012 Trailer from The Penny Rose on Vimeo.

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Look for Santa Cruz Fashion Week on The Penny Rose from Sept. 3-7. Every day we will feature videos, photography by Nick Chao, gorgeous fall "looks," Santa Cruz stores and more.

Here's a sweet video that takes a beautiful peek at the behind-the-scenes talents of our cast and crew for Santa Cruz Fashion Week. This mini-movie was created by Deva Blaisdell-Anderson, an independent filmmaker whose most recent project includes co-directing and producing a short film, "Hotline," starring Emmy Award-winnning actress Camryn Manheim.

Peeking Into Fall


Cameron Marks (above)

Photo shoots are exciting, especially ones that involve clothing. On Aug. 19, the ladies of The Penny Rose put on a full production. A hairstylist (Ginger Vaughn), makeup artist (Jodi Laub), model (Desiree Amariei), stylist (Missy Schnaps), professional photographer (Nick Chao), filmmaker (Deva Blaisdell-Anderson) collaborated to create the first annual Santa Cruz Fashion Week photo shoot. It was the biggest production the blog has yet to put on, and I got to follow along capturing all the hustle and bustle that happened behind the scenes.

During the photo shoot day, we went to, in our opinion, some of the the best shops in Santa Cruz and pulled two fall looks from each store. (Behind-the-scenes images are featured above and below.) Starting the week of Monday, Sept. 3, The Penny Rose will feature the looks of one store per day, highlighting all that fall has to offer, right off the racks of our local boutiques. Santa Cruz Fashion Week is almost here.

But until then, here’s a sneak peek.

Stripe (above)

 Synergy (above)

Wallflower (above)

Tomboy (above) 

Photo credits for Cameron Marks, Synergy, Stripe, Wallflower: Sera Michael

 Photo credit for Tomboy: Janet Allinger