Steal This Easy Style Tip

With the passing of every fashion week comes a new batch of trends—leather pants, a pop of neon, thick eyebrows. Often this means that the haircut you just got or the clothes you recently bought are now out (I’m going to refrain from quoting Heidi Klum here, though tempting). Well don’t worry, because in this world of fickle fashion there is one style trend that you can always stand by.

The draped coat.

Take a look at the street snaps outside any runway show from any season and you’ll notice one thing in common: all the editors, stylists, buyers, celebrities, socialites and more are rejecting arm holes and casually draping their coats over their shoulders. No, they don’t do this all the time and no, you won’t find it in every photo, but you will find it throughout enough slideshows to recognize this universal trend (yes, this goes beyond NYFW).

I say, give it a try. It’s an instant way to add polish and purpose to any outfit. Think of it as the trend that keeps on trending.

Images: Refinery29