Eco-Beauty in a Box: Vegan Cuts

Subscription beauty boxes are all the rage, as we’ve previously mentioned in reviews of both Birchbox and the Green Grab Bag from White Apricot. And for good reason: anyone who loves trying new beauty products will be delighted to receive a package full of goodies on their doorstep. It’s like a monthly Christmas morning for beauty fiends. It was in this spirit that I excitedly ripped open my first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box when it arrived in April. Inside I discovered a full-size tube of lip gloss, a face mask sample (plus one for men), mini bottles of nail top coat and body oil, and two containers of hair product.

Now, I’ve tried beauty box deliveries before and this is the point where my giddiness usually wears off. After the initial pleasure of receiving and sorting through the products, I found that I typically wind up liking one or two of the items and not caring for the rest. Of course, that’s partially the point of these companies—they introduce you to and allow you to try out a bunch of products so that you can find those that work best for you. But I’d inevitably find myself wondering, “Would I have spent X amount of money on these products this month, anyway?” If the answer was no—which it was—my enthusiasm for the service would deflate and I’d cancel my subscription.

But the Vegan Cuts box broke this slump. Several weeks into using the products (all of them!) in my April delivery, I’m sold. The variety and quality of the products is impressive, and I’d recommend all of them except one (the Green Tea Peel Off face mask was fun to use but I didn’t feel or see any results). The GlamNatural lip gloss in Poco Loco Lip is a new beauty fixture of mine. It’s a lovely, noticeable-but-not-overwhelming shade of pinky orange that works perfectly for the spring and summer. The body oil from Orico is definitely something I’ll invest in a full size of. It’s an organic, vitamin-laden body oil that is not at all greasy, instantly absorbs, and has been a godsend for my dry arms lately. My other favorite from the bunch is the curl-defining cream from Jane Carter Solution. All-natural hair products are often disappointing, so I’m indebted to Vegan Cuts for putting this curl-friendly product on my radar.

I still think beauty boxes are hit or miss. But this animal-friendly, natural box of surprise goodies is well worth the risk.