I Tried It: The Sock Bun

I have always wanted to be able to wear one of those big, round buns that makes me look like I was born with a thick head of hair. I remember as a kid asking my mom to sculpt my hair into this kind of bun as I got ready for ballet class, but my fine hair just couldn't hold the style. Fast-forward 20 years and I stumbled upon a YouTube video on the Sock Bun. My inner bun dream was about to come true.

What is the sock bun? You wrap your hair around a sock (I prefer to make a tube, slip my hair into the tube, then roll it into a bun shape), and then secure it with bobby pins. Admittedly, I am not the most coordinated person, so this did take some practice. The end result: a big bun that brought out the Victoria's Secret supermodel in me (I'm just six inches too short). What's even better is that if you put your hair up when it's damp, it turns into gorgeous curls when you take it out.

If you like the look of messy buns like I do, even an uncoordinated person can try this and make it work. For those who lived their teens regularly trying new hairstyles, this will be a cinch. 

Dream Come True

Most women would probably agree that it takes time to find a hair stylist that is the right “fit." Like a good pair of jeans, once you find that perfect fit you are religiously devoted to them. But what about the “fit” of the salon itself? It's important to not only appreciate your stylist, but also the atmosphere in which you are receiving your haircut. Dreamers and Make Believers, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, is a salon with an atmosphere that is as fetching as its team of stylists. Bright white walls bathed in natural light, vintage artwork, simple succulent arrangements and mid-century modern vanities lend to the understated beauty and retro charm of this salon. While the décor of Dreamers and Make Believers was born out of the personal style of co-owners/stylists Megan Morales and Wendy Newsome, the idea to start their own business was not always on their radar. 

Fresh out of cosmetology school, Morales was scouring Craigslist for a place to live when she happened upon the space and jumped at the opportunity to open a salon in a neighborhood that was already beginning to thrive with hip, independently owned businesses. Fast-forward four years and Dreamers and Make Believers has carved out a niche in its neighborhood. In addition to the modern design elements and top-notch stylists, the salon carries a unique product line and hosts music and art shows.

Check out Dreamers and Make Believers for more information about rates, stylists and upcoming events.