Tiny Devotions

I recently heard the saying “expectations are disappointments in training.” This embodies my feelings about New Year's resolutions. Instead of setting unrealistic goals that set myself up for disappointment, this New Year I plan to slowly work on setting intentions for my life through meditation—a practice that would be aided by a lovely set of mala beads from Tiny Devotions (lovetinydevotions.com). I’ve been eyeing the company’s gorgeous jewelry for months, and somehow the start of a New Year seems the perfect time to begin working with a set of mala beads. Tiny Devotion necklaces have the traditional 108 meditation beads plus the special 109th “guru bead,” and all of their hand-made items are blessed and cleansed before being sent out to the wearer. Other than being a lovely piece of boho jewelry for wearing, a Tiny Devotions necklace is a rosary of sorts that supports you on a journey to peace and happiness—a good recipe for a great 2013, if you ask me.